Our Sunday


Today was one of those days you dream about when you think of starting a family.  My husband got up with the kids so that I could sleep in.  The girls woke me up with kisses and cuddles and we all got ready to go for a run.  Hubby and I chatted lightly while he pushed the double stroller, discussing our ongoing house renovations and sharing ideas about the final product.  We ended our run at the lake as the clouds parted, revealing patches of clear blue sky, and we decided to try a newly refurbished restaurant overlooking the water.  The walls were decorated with fish and tackle; the food was plentiful and satisfying.  The wait staff joked with us and customers stopped to chat with the girls.  I think we have found our new greasy spoon.

On our way home we stopped at the park, one of many families enjoying what may be the last of this beautiful weather before ‘real’ winter sets in.  With both of us there we were able to really play with the girls, chasing AK all over the playground equipment and trying to prevent KJ from eating rocks.  We played tag and pushed each other on the swings and played tag some more before heading over to the local bake shop, Queenies.

Now, I have to wander away from the topic of my perfect Sunday a little bit to tell you about Queenies.  My husband first found Queenies when they opened about two years ago.  We had been talking about how the town needed a decent bake shop (he grew up with the Orono Village Bake Shop and has pretty high standards), so he was curious when he saw the ‘Open’ sign and brought our daughter with him to check it out.  He was not disappointed.  There were cookies and squares, cupcakes and croissants.  There were jelly doughnuts, made with Queenies’ own homemade jam.  My husband loves jelly doughnuts.  Everything he sampled tasted melt-in-your-mouth-and-make-you-weak-in-the-knees delicious.  They fussed over our daughter and gave her a mini cupcake with pink icing (she is now addicted).  And so began our almost weekly visits to Queenies.  We adore their food and their welcoming atmosphere, and they adore our children – they even have a picture of our oldest eating her birthday cake (made by Queenies, of course) in their kitchen.  Their warmth and friendliness, coupled with Dawn’s mouth watering creations, makes you feel like you are a part of the family.  And just in case you think I’m somewhat biased (did I tell you how much they adore our kids?) you can read another review here.

OK, back to our lovely day.  We took the long way home from Queenies hoping that the girls would fall asleep (one of them did at least) and used the (somewhat) quiet time to get a few things done.  We fed the little monsters, put them in their pj’s, and bundled them up in snowsuits, hats, boots, and mittens to watch the Santa Claus Parade with my husband’s family.  The girls had a blast eating candy canes and hanging with their cousins, and the adults took turns jostling babies and retrieving dropped mittens.  By the time we got home the girls were both exhausted and went straight to bed, so we grabbed our Queenies treats and snuggled up on the couch to watch a show.

I thought that was the end of my perfect Sunday, but while I was writing our youngest woke up and has been nursing while I type.  She is now sleeping peacefully in my arms.  My perfect Sunday is complete.


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