Cleaning and Chaos

I am a sucker.  I am one of those people who believes that, if I could just organize my life, my house would be clean and tidy every day without a lot of effort, nothing would ever get lost again, and the daily chaos that is our life would be replaced with peace and calm.  And so I happily succumb to planning meals that I never make, creating bins for mittens and hats that get filled with junk instead, and attempting to reorganize closets only to stuff everything back inside haphazardly when the baby wakes up from her nap.

My newest attempt at organizing our life comes in the form of a chore chart.

This was based on one I found at another blog - if you happen to know where, please let me know so I can credit them!

Housework is the bane of my existence.  What’s the point of cleaning when, unless they are asleep, the little ones are busy drawing on the floor that you just mopped/painting the toilet you just cleaned with nail polish/pooping in the bathtub that you just scrubbed?  I read somewhere that cleaning the house when you have small children is like shoveling the driveway while it’s still snowing.  So true.

Still, I continue to dream of an existence beyond the daily scramble to find the car keys that I just spent 20 minutes looking for even though they have been in my pocket the entire time.  Because to give up would mean accepting that this is just Life With Kids and I’m clearly not yet ready to do that.  Plus, it’s fun to peek into the lives of others via their blogs, searching for new ideas to feed my organization obsession while alternating between envy towards those who seem to have it all together, and relief that I am not the only one living in chaos.

Here are some of my favourite finds:

IHeart organizing – anyone with three boys who still has time to make stuff like this is worthy of admiration.

Make it Do – we need a sock basket like this one.  Seriously, where do they go?!

Simply Modern Mom – the sketchbook caddy she made for her daughter inspired my smaller and less elegant version.

Next up, organizing Christmas.  Oh joy.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning and Chaos

  1. True, as Meghan’s ex-roomie I can attest to the fact that she hates housework LOL!

    Darlin I can only imagine what a challenge it is when as 20-somethings we couldn’t even organise ourselves, now you’re organising a whole FAMILY?!? I don’t know how you do it. xx

  2. I can relate to what you just said!!! There is some days it all seems pointless to try to organise and clean only for that little moment where everything is almost perfect in the house. It makes you feel great for 30 minutes and you have to start again!

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