The Christmas Countdown

The countdown is on.  It is December 2nd and we still don’t have our advent calendar up yet.  Which is a shame, since I finally created items to put in our calendar (it only took me three years).  Before now, we just hung the calendar up as a decoration.  The only problem is that our advent calendar, which consists of mini numbered stockings hung on a string with tiny wooden clothes pegs, is in a container with all our other Christmas decorations.  At the very back of the closet.  Underneath piles and piles of stuff.  And neither myself nor my husband has had the energy or inclination to dig it out.  Which, again, is unfortunate because the little cards I created to go in the stockings are cute and fun, and I know the girls will love reading them and following the instructions.

See?  They are going to have so much fun.  I can just see our oldest bouncing up and down with excitement wanting to pull out the next card, and the baby smiling and clapping her hands because, although she has no idea what is going on, anything that keeps her big sister from whacking her on the head is worth smiling about.  Great.  Here comes the Mommy Guilt.  Better start digging…



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