Why I am not a Work-at-Home Mom

We all know at least one of them.  Those mothers who, despite working full time and managing the busy after school schedules of three or more kids, somehow are able to keep a spotless home, make baby blankets for the sister who’s expecting twins, organize a bake sale for the school, and cook a wholesome organic meal for her family, all while impeccably dressed in the latest fashion.  Today I have decided that I am going to be one of those moms (minus the organic meal since I really can’t cook.  And without the fashionable outfit since I really am not that cool).  You see, I have no voice.  Occupational hazard.  I don’t feel sick, but since I can’t talk, I can’t really teach, and so I took a sick day.  The girls are at their friend’s house, where they usually go on the Fridays that I work.  So today is one of those extremely rare days when I’m home with no children.  Which is great- I can finally do the things I never seem to have time to do, such as:

  • buy material for Christmas gifts
  • get photos printed to finish Christmas gifts
  • finish making Christmas gifts
  • wrap gifts
  • run
  • meet friend for tea
  • clean
  • make lesson plans for next week

Not too big a list, right?  Nothing I shouldn’t be able to accomplish in a day without kids.  Here was my plan:

  1. Get kids dressed, fed, and out of the house
  2. Run
  3. Eat, shower, get dressed
  4. Get fabric
  5. Get photos printed
  6. Meet friend for tea
  7. Finish making gifts
  8. Wrap gifts
  9. Clean
  10. Create lesson plans for next week
  11. Pick up girls

Busy, but doable.  Here is how my actual day went:

7:00 am – Baby wakes up.  Nurse her, change her, get dressed, kiss hubby goodbye.

8:00 am – Miss A wakes up.  She NEVER sleeps this late, but because I am anticipating a child-free day she decides to sleep in.

8:05 am – Feed girls, dress them, pack a bag with hats, snow pants, mitts, change of clothes, diapers for Miss K, some cookies we baked yesterday.

9:00 am – Finally drop them off.  Small twinge of guilt that I have a day off and am not spending it with them; attempt to bury said guilt with thoughts of all the things I’ll be able to get done, freeing me up to spend more quality time with them later.  Guilt prevails.

9:20 am – Get home, text from hubs about Christmas with my family (he works with my mother).  Call him to discuss.  Get off phone and check email from sister.  Respond.  Call mother to discuss.

11:15 am – Get off the phone and go for a run.

12:15 pm – Get home.  No, I did not run for 60 minutes.  I ran for 30.  Usually when I run I have to get home by a certain time so that my husband won’t be late for work.  So, faced with unlimited time to run, I decided to try an old route down by the lake that I haven’t run in ages.  Too bad I didn’t have unlimited energy; I walked the last 25 minutes home.

12:05 pm – Make lunch.  Eat it.

12:30 pm – Take the longest, hottest shower ever.  Get dressed.

1:30 pm – Look everywhere for the little book where I wrote down my Christmas lists.  Look everywhere again.  Give up.

1:50 pm – Let the dog out.  Search the entire house for my keys.  Find them in the pocket of my coat.

2:00 pm – Let the dog back in, put the keys in the ignition, and DRIVE.

2:30 pm – Park the car.  Search for items that I can recall from lost Christmas list.  Get distracted by cute slippers for girls.  Add to cart.  Search for more items on list.  Get distracted by cute hats and mittens for girls.  Add to cart.  Continue shopping.  Get distracted by hat and mittens for myself.  Add to cart…

3:15 pm – Pay for items and head over to the photo centre.  Get all the way through to the ‘checkout’ button before the computer freezes.  Move to different computer.  Repeat requests.  Make it through checkout but nothing prints.  Stand there like an idiot for 5 minutes before realizing that I have to pay first.

3:35 pm – Finally leave the shopping centre and forget where I parked.  Wander around parking lot in wet snow searching for car.

3:45 pm – Find car.  Hop inside and turn the heat on full blast.  Head over to friend’s house for tea and a chat.

4:45 pm – Realize I am supposed to pick the girls up at 5 and rush home like a crazy person.

5:05 pm – The door opens to reveal squeals and happy dances that turn into kisses and cuddles from the girls.  Who cares whether or not I accomplished anything on my list when I have everything I need right here in my arms?  I smother the girls with kisses and bundle them into the car.  We go home to a house that might not be spotless but is full of love.  And pizza.


One thought on “Why I am not a Work-at-Home Mom

  1. It reminds me of someone I know( me) that makes tons of list to make sure she gets everything and still forgets stuff that’s on the list and it’s only when she actually remembers to bring the list!

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