Snowflakes and Soulmates

This weekend I was reminded of the joy and positive energy that two people can create when they are truly in love.  An old high school friend of my husband’s married his soul mate this weekend, and we could not be happier for them.  The wedding was beautiful:  snowflakes sparkled in the candlelight, family and friends exchanged stories about the bride and groom over dinner, and shoes were abandoned under tables as music filled the room.  Laughter (and barking) echoed throughout the hall as the hosts for the evening regaled us with their impersonations of the groom, tears glistened as family and friends remembered the bride’s father, and hoots and hollers followed every kiss.  But what I remember most was the strong feeling of love that was present in the hall that night.

There is something about two people who have found each other and are so obviously in love that you can’t help but smile and share in their joy.  And when those two people are so appreciative of the love and support they receive from family and friends, and so generous with their own love and support, a kind of community is created.  Many of the guests that night had never met one another before, and yet we were all connected in the love and goodwill we wished for the bride and groom.  The connection was so powerful that perfect strangers felt completely at ease conversing, dancing, and laughing together, content to share the joy created by two people in love.

I have been to other weddings.  Some are as magical as this one but many, though equally beautiful to look at, lack that feeling of being a part of something special.  Maybe it was the way the couple looked into each other’s eyes and seemed to forget the world around them.  Maybe it was the effort they put into the wedding itself, from the handmade invitations to the wedding favours.  Or maybe it was the simple fact that they were so honestly and openly grateful for the family and friends that were there to share in their day and celebrate the start of their new life together.

Whatever the reason for the magic we felt that night, I count myself lucky to have been a part of it.


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