Movie Night

Hibernation.  When the winter days are long and summer still seems a figment of the imagination.  When the craziness of December has ended and Christmas baubles have been packed away for another eleven months of storage.  When the energy required for constant eating, drinking and socializing has finally dissipated and all you are left with are bags under the eyes and a few extra pounds around the middle.  Well then.  It must be January.

Recently, Apple paired up with the London School of Economics to determine when people are happiest.  The study involved an iPhone app and 45 000 people.  They discovered that we are happiest just before 2pm on December 25th.  And our lowest point?  Around 8pm on January 31st.  About the moment when we realize that those New Years resolutions we depended on to make this year bigger, brighter and better than the last are absolutely, positively, never going to happen and we resign ourselves to another year that looks awfully similar to the one that just ended.

So, how to go from blah to rah?  The solution, apparently, is fairly simple: people are happiest during sex, while exercising, and while at the theatre.  So go on, relive your teenage years with a good, old fashioned make-out session in the back of a movie theatre and get back to happy.  I’m booking my tickets now.


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