A New Journey Begins

A lot has happened since I wrote last. We took the girls out of school and began homeschooling in the fall of 2015, and welcomed our son Griffin to the family last July. Since September I have been acclimating myself to my new role as mom/homeschool teacher, and although most days I believe my children are learning in spite of me rather than because of me, I am grateful for the gift of this time with them, and for the people who have been kind enough to share their homeschooling journey with me.

Inspired by the beautiful blogs of other local homeschooling families, I thought I would revisit my own. I hope that in chronicling my family’s time together I will discover that we have accomplished more than I think we have, which really shouldn’t be too difficult as most days my greatest achievement is getting all three kids dressed and out the door before nightfall. Here is a peek at our January:

Addy has been using YouTube to teach herself how to crochet. She could spend entire days doing nothing but crocheting, which has resulted in a beautiful pair of baby booties for her new cousin who is due to arrive this month.

Kenna, our budding entomologist/malacologist, spent an afternoon creating pipe cleaner snail families, and made over sixty of them in one sitting!

Not wanting to be left out, Griffin learned how to roll over (with some encouragement from his big sisters of course).

The girls spent a morning experimenting with different combinations of liquids and powders that they found in our kitchen to try and make an explosion. We conducted a variety of tests to look for signs of a chemical reaction and then chose one we thought would create the biggest ‘explosion’. We took the materials to the laundry sink to see just how big a reaction we could make. We now have no baking soda in the house, and our laundry sink smells like lemons.

Some of our art work this month:

Our favourite hike this month was one that Baba and Papa joined us for. Not surprisingly, it ended with some delicious ice cream from the Enniskillen General Store. Because it’s never too cold for ice cream.


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