A-ha! O-ho! A tale and a show!

Even when little Miss A was just a tiny tot, she already had a strong personality.  She insisted on doing everything herself and could be as stubborn as both her father and I combined (which is saying a lot).  We should have expected it; after all, what little hair she was born with was red.... Continue Reading →


The New Year’s Eve Letdown

New Year's has never been my favourite holiday.  It gets hyped up so much that you can't help but feel disappointed when the countdown begins and your Prince Charming still hasn't made an appearance (or, worse, has found a princess other than you).  I long ago gave up expecting much out of New Year's Eve,... Continue Reading →

Oranges and Escalades

Our four day family Christmas extravaganza has come to an end.  I thought our girls were incredibly spoiled, until I heard that Santa brought our niece an Escalade.  She’s 4. I understand the desire to give your children something special at Christmas.  While shopping, you can’t help but imagine their faces on Christmas morning when... Continue Reading →

For my daughters, at Christmas time

There are so many issues surrounding the Christmas holidays.  Walk into any Christmas party and you will hear people discussing how early the stores put up Christmas decorations, how commercialized the holiday has become, or how crazy their relatives get at this time of year.  There are arguments about when families get together, how much... Continue Reading →

The Princess and the Pee

Last year we started a family tradition of going to see the Christmas pantomime at our local theatre.  Miss A loves princesses and fairy godmothers, so we were looking forward to her excitement at watching a 'real' princess on stage. Looking back, we knew it was a bad time of day (2:00pm = nap time)... Continue Reading →

Why I am not a Work-at-Home Mom

We all know at least one of them.  Those mothers who, despite working full time and managing the busy after school schedules of three or more kids, somehow are able to keep a spotless home, make baby blankets for the sister who's expecting twins, organize a bake sale for the school, and cook a wholesome... Continue Reading →

A pancake kinda morning

Today when she finally woke up, Miss A asked for pancakes.  I tried to convince her that something else would be just as yummy, and she agreed with me: 'Yes Mommy, toast with Queenies jam tastes good.  We can have some after we make pancakes.  I'll get the 'gredients.'  How could I argue with that?... Continue Reading →

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